Commercial Recycling

Full Service (Commercial or Residential)

Used Motor oil including transmission, hydraulic, etc.

  • Filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Sorbents (rags, floor dry & pads)
  • Mixes of oil/water & oil/gas

East Side Oil Companies currently services most of Minnesota with an ever expanding service area. If needed we have a lease program to provide containment free of charge as long as you recycle with us.

We have various size tanks to suit the needs of each individual customer. We have a 265 gallon tank or 55 gallon steel drums for used oil, 55 gallon steel drums for antifreeze, filters and sorbents (i.e.; rags, floor dry & pads). All tanks and drums are labeled with the proper graphics. Service is free but there may be a charge for disposal. Call for pricing!!

Your support on the full-service side assures future growth and funding for the environmentally vital self-serve side.

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